About the Journal

An-Nur International Journal of the Quran & Hadith is a prestigious scholarly publication studying and exploring the Quran and Hadith, two central pillars of Islamic knowledge. It is a platform for academics, researchers, and scholars to share their insights, analyses, and findings on these fundamental aspects of Islamic studies.

Aims and Scope:
The journal is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the Quran and Hadith through rigorous academic inquiry. It welcomes contributions that encompass a wide range of topics within the field, including but not limited to:

  1. Quranic and Hadith Studies with various perspectives of law, philosophy, mysticism, history, art, theology, sociology, anthropology, political science, etc.
  2. Quranic and Hadith sciences
  3. Living Quran and Hadith
  4. Quranic and Hadith Studies across different areas in the world (The Middle East, The West, Archipelago and the other regions)
  5. Methodology of Quran and Hadith studies

Peer Review and Quality Assurance
All articles submitted to An-Nur International Journal of the Quran & Hadith undergo a rigorous two-blind review process to ensure the highest standards of scholarly excellence and academic integrity. Utilizing the two-blind review method, our esteemed panel of reviewers and editorial board members meticulously evaluate submissions for their scientific merit, originality, and contribution to the field.

Open Access Policy:
The journal operates on an open-access model, making all published articles freely accessible to researchers, scholars, students, and the public. This commitment to open access promotes the dissemination of knowledge and fosters a broader global exchange of ideas.

Publication Frequency
An-Nur International Journal of the Quran & Hadith is published twice a year, with new issues released in May and November.

Ethical Standards
We adhere to strict ethical guidelines to ensure the integrity of the publication process. Authors, reviewers, and editors must uphold the highest academic ethics and transparency standards.

Contact Information
If you have any questions, submissions, or more information, please contact us at pesmaannurjournal@gmail.com.

An-Nur International Journal of the Quran & Hadith is dedicated to advancing scholarship in the Quran and Hadith studies field. It welcomes contributions from scholars worldwide who share our passion for exploring these foundational Islamic texts.