All articles published in the An-Nur International Journal of the Quran & Hadith are accessible to the public without restrictions. Publishing an article in An-Nur International Journal of the Quran & Hadith is essential for making research findings freely available for anyone to access, read, download, share, and view. These articles are released under the CC BY-SA license, which permits utilisation, distribution, and reproduction in any format, provided that proper attribution is given, the use is non-commercial, and no alterations or adaptations are made.

By the fundamental principles of open access as outlined in various documents like the Budapest, Berlin, and Bethesda declarations, An-Nur International Journal of the Quran & Hadith defines open access with the following conditions:

Authors and copyright holders grant unconditional and unrestricted permission to all users to read, copy, download, use, and responsibly create derivative works, all by the Copyright Notice, without requiring subscriptions or encountering any financial barriers.

A complete version of the work, along with all supplementary materials, including a copy of the permission above, is promptly deposited in at least one reputable online repository supported by an academic institution or a well-established organisation that promotes open access, unrestricted dissemination, interoperability, and long-term preservation. Examples of such repositories include LOCKSS, CLOCKSS, or PubMed.