All submissions to the An-Nur International Journal of the Quran & Hadith must be in proficient English or Arabic. Authors, especially those not native to English or Arabic, are encouraged to ensure their papers undergo grammar and clarity checks before submission. Also, it is very important that the submitted work has yet to be previously published elsewhere nor is concurrently being considered for publication in other venues.

1. Give priority to the scholarly content in your manuscript, focusing on analyzing issues within the Quran & Hadith  (See Focus and Scope).
2. Highlight the manuscript's originality and potential to contribute to the existing Quran & Hadith Science literature body.
3. Ensure that manuscripts are original and research-based, and confirm they are not simultaneously under review for publication elsewhere.
4. Organize the manuscript with essential sections: title, author information, abstract, keywords, content, and references.
5. Keep titles concise, limiting them to 14 words.
6. Note that academic titles for authors are optional.
7. Adhere to specific formatting guidelines, including using MS Word, Palatino Linotype 11-point font, single-line spacing, A4 paper size, and aim for a word count of around 4000 - 7000 words if more than that will be considered. (refer to the provided template for precise instructions here).
8. Include abstracts of 75-250 words and incorporate 3-5 keywords. Please ensure that abstracts effectively summarise the paper's title, purpose, methodology, and research findings (for research papers).
9. Be aware that manuscripts will undergo comprehensive review and editing while preserving their core content.
10. Pay meticulous attention to bibliographical references, ensuring compliance with APA Style within the text and in the bibliography.
11. Understand that the peer-review process for all articles may extend over several weeks or even months.
12. Be aware that manuscripts may undergo stylistic editing before publication.
13. Authors should be prepared to respond to inquiries from readers regarding their articles.
14. Transliteration should follow these guidelines: Use the following letters - ’, b, t, th, j, ḥ, kh, d, dh, r, z, s, sh, ṣ, ḍ, ṭ, ẓ, ‘, gh, f, q, l, m, n, h, w, y. For short vowels: a, i, u. For long vowels: ā, ī, ū. Diphthongs: aw, ay. Use tā marbūṭā: t. For articles, use al-. For detailed information on Arabic Romanization, please refer to the transliteration system of the Library of Congress (LC) Guidelines.

For more details on author guidelines, please click the following link.