Plagiarism Detection

To ensure the authenticity of their work and prevent plagiarism, authors must utilize both the Turnitin application and the Plagiarism Checker tool for screening purposes. The article should exhibit less than 20% similarity with other sources.

Plagiarism can manifest in various ways:

  1. Verbatim plagiarism occurs when an author uses the exact wording of other authors without proper citation.
  2. Source plagiarism occurs when an author incorporates someone else's ideas without providing due credit or citation.
  3. Authorship plagiarism arises when an individual falsely claims authorship of content created by others.
  4. Self-plagiarism involves authors submitting the same article to multiple publications or reusing their work without substantial alterations. It is important to emphasize that when reusing their work, authors should make substantial revisions to ensure that the new publication includes significant new material, with the previous work only comprising a minor portion of the new publication. This approach ensures that readers receive fresh and meaningful contributions from the author while upholding the integrity of the original work.