The role of reviewers is pivotal in the peer review process. Reviewers' dedication and diligence are crucial to achieving our goals of conducting a fair and efficient review process for all manuscripts and ensuring that only the highest-quality papers are published. We sincerely thank our reviewers for their valuable assistance in achieving these essential objectives.

Equity in the Review Process

Reviewers are expected to treat a submitted manuscript as a confidential and privileged document, not to be disclosed publicly. They should refrain from using, sharing, or divulging unpublished information contained in a manuscript without the author's explicit consent. The review process ensures that all authors can publish their papers equally.

Peer Review Methodology

All our journals utilise a double-masked peer review system, where the identities of both the reviewer and the author remain anonymous throughout the evaluation process. To safeguard the confidentiality of reviewers, we never reveal their names to the authors.

Review Guidelines

If you are willing, the Editor will email you the title and abstract of the submission. Please promptly confirm your availability as a reviewer through email communication. The Editor will then send you the manuscript for review via email. We would like to encourage you to complete your review within a four-week timeframe.

You can download and edit the Review Form, which should be emailed back to the Editor along with your review. Your feedback will be conveyed to the authors, usually in its entirety. We'd like to ask you to offer constructive and respectful reviews, presenting your critiques as a courtesy. Please also acknowledge any strengths or positive aspects of the manuscript. If the authors submit a revised version, please retain a copy of the review documents. Reviewers are allotted three weeks to evaluate major revisions.

Review Deadlines

- Reviewers are granted a four-week period to assess the initial submission.
- For major revisions, reviewers are provided with three weeks for evaluation.
- If you need an extension, please let the Editor know your expected review completion date.