About the Journal

AIJIT (An-Nur International Journal of Islamic Thought) is a prestigious scholarly publication dedicated to exploring and disseminating knowledge in various facets of Islamic thought and culture. Managed by the Yayasan Pesantren Mahasiswa An-Nur, this journal provides a platform for academics, researchers, and scholars to contribute to advancing Islamic studies and related fields.

Aims and Scope
AIJIT welcomes contributions that Social Science and Humanities delve into various topics within Islamic thought and culture. The journal's scope encompasses, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Islamic Education
  2. Islamic Arts and Cultural Heritage
  3. Ethics and Morality in Islam
  4. Gender Thought in Islam
  5. Sufism and Mysticism
  6. Islamic Thought and Contemporary Issues
  7. Islamic political thought
  8. Islamic Law
  9. Science & Civilization in Islam
  10. Islam in local/nation
  11. Study of Classical and Modern Islam Java
  12. Linguistics in the Islamic world

Publication Frequency
AIJIT is published three times a year, with new issues released in June and December.

AIJIT is proudly managed by the Yayasan Pesantren Mahasiswa An-Nur, reflecting a commitment to advancing scholarly discourse and promoting Islamic thought.

Foundation Establishment
Established in 2023, AIJIT is a relatively new addition to the scholarly landscape, dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to Islamic studies.

Peer Review Process
AIJIT follows a rigorous peer review process to ensure the quality and integrity of published research. All submitted manuscripts undergo a double-blind review, where the identities of both authors and reviewers are kept confidential. Reviewers and experts in their respective fields evaluate the submitted work for its academic merit, originality, methodology, and contribution.

Contact Information
For inquiries, submissions, and further information, please get in touch with us at pesmaannurjournal@gmail.com

AIJIT (An-Nur International Journal of Islamic Thought) fosters intellectual exploration and scholarly dialogue in Islamic thought and culture. We invite researchers and scholars worldwide to engage with our journal and contribute to the vibrant exchange of ideas in this dynamic field.